DKEC has R&D, engineering design and equipment manufacture bases in New York, Shanghai and Wuxi. We are an international engineering company, offering consulting services, process package Know-how transfer, engineering design, and EPC services in chemical and environmental industries.
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Excellent! Shanshuicheng Enterprise Achieved Outstanding Results
Recently, the Wuxi Science and Technology Bureau announced the results of the evaluation and selection of Wuxi's " Young Eagle Enterprises" , " Gazelle Enterprises" ,and "Quasi-Unicorn Enterprises" for the year 2022.


DKEC Attend the Wuxi Science and Technology Innovation Women's Action Promotion Conference
On December 8th, the Wuxi Municipal Government held the Science and Technology Innovation Women's Action Promotion Conference


DKEC Chemical Group l 2023 Autumn Campus Recruitment
We are opening positions to outstanding global fresh graduates.


2019 Annual Meeting of Enterprises and Awards Ceremony Held Successfully
From January 10 to 12, 2019, the company’s 2019 annual meeting and award ceremony was held in tianmu lake hotel.


Congratulations to Lahigh Won the Honor of Outstanding Contribution Company in the 60th Anniversary Celebration of Epoxy Resin Industry in China
Recently, Wuxi Lahigh Engineering Design Co., Ltd. won the honor of outstanding contribution company in the 60th anniversary celebration of epoxy resin industry in China.


Congratulations to Mr. Dong Junming, Deputy Director of theTechnical Committee on Volatile Organic Compounds and Waste Gas Management Technology of China Chemical Industry Environmental Association
As the new law of the People’s Republic of China on the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution


Mr.Dong was Elected Deputy Director of the Professional Committee for the Comprehensive Utilization of By-product Salt
Recently, Wuxi Lahigh Engineering Design co., LTD. Was successfully elected as a member of the Fifth council member unit of China chemical environmental protection association


Mr. Dong Junming is Awarded as Outstanding Entrepreneur in Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Survey and Design Industry
Mr. Dong Junming,founder and general manager of LAHIGH, has been engaged in engineering design for over 30 years and accumulated abundant experience in engineering technology.


Pass 2016 Annual External Audit of Three Standard Management Systems


Congratulations to LAHIGH for Approval of Pressure Pipe Design Certificate Renewal
From 24th to 26th, August, 2016, the experts from China Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Survey and Design Association evaluated our pressure pipe design certificate
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