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Congratulations to Lahigh Won the Honor of Outstanding Contribution Company in the 60th Anniversary Celebration of Epoxy Resin Industry in China


    Recently, Wuxi Lahigh Engineering Design Co., Ltd. won the honor of outstanding contribution company in the 60th anniversary celebration of epoxy resin industry in China.At the same time, Mr. Dong junming, general manager of the company, won the honorary title of advanced individual.

    With more than ten years of cultivationin in epoxy resin industry , Lahigh combined the epoxy resin production technology and rich experience in engineering to constantly develop new technology , optimization of process route and recipe of epoxy resin. After all these efforts,Lahigh has made the consumption of raw materials of poxy resin products decreased and also made the energy consumption index declined.Therefore,the quality index has been more and more excellent, Lahigh has made important contributions to the development of epoxy resin in China.

    At the same time, we pay more attention to the three waste emissions and treatment work of epoxy resin production process.The technology of epoxy resin high salt wastewater purification, treatment and recycling, and the application of ECH organic exhaust PSA treatment technology have really solved the industry problems, filled in the domestic blank, and realized the energy saving and environmental protection of the three wastes treatment.

    Under the leadership of Mr. Dong junming, we will continue to dig, develop and produce products on the upstream and downstream products of phenol acetone, BPA, ECH and epoxy resin by making use of the advantages of our large platform and the technological development advantages combining China and the United States.