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Congratulations to Mr. Dong Junming, Deputy Director of theTechnical Committee on Volatile Organic Compounds and Waste Gas Management Technology of China Chemical Industry Environmental Association

    As the new law of the People’s Republic of China on the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution Air pollution prevention action plan Comprehensive treatment plan of volatile organic compounds in petrochemical industry"13th Five-Year" VOCs pollution prevention programsoil refining and petrochemical pollutant emission standards, and a series of laws and regulations, policies and standards have issued and implemented, petroleum and chemical industry enterprise is facing huge pressure of Exhausted Gases treatment.

    Lahigh company with many years of profound understanding in the fields of chemical engineering, environmental engineering design and experience in this field, has been consciously put the work of environmental protection as its own duty, development, application and construction to actively participate in environmental protection technology, achieved a lot of successful experience. Recently, Mr. Dong Junming, general manager of lahigh company, was elected deputy director of the technical committee on volatile organic compounds and waste gas management technology of China chemical industry environmental association.

    Mr. Dong Junming will continue to lead the Lahigh Company to accelerate the oil and chemical industry VOCs and waste gas treatment, introduce advanced, mature, applicable new technology and new equipment to the oil and chemical industry, and effectively improve the level of environmental management,Lahigh company will contribute to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry’s environmental protection work.