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Working Conference of Lahigh & Cenmont in 2014

Say goodbye to the unforgettable year of 2013welcome new 2014. On Feb 8th to 9th,, the 2014 working conference of Wuxi Lahigh Engineering Design Co. and Cenmont Automatic Control Co. was held in the conference room of R&D Center Hall.

In the meeting, General manager maked the work report named “Change the idea, change the style, and strive for the elite design institute”. He summarized the work of Lahigh in 2013, and made careful analysis of the proposal from the staff. He analyzed the honorable achievements and the deficiencies in the 10 years.

Stick to Lahigh strategy, preferential R&D and parallel development of engineering design in 2014 which are confirmed in the meeting.

5 R&D tasks and 3 marketize tasks which include high salt concentration wastewater treatment etc, were confirmed in the meeting.

The meeting also determined the development direction of Cenmont, which is to make full use of the Lahigh advantages in the aspects of engineering design and research, and at the same time, make an effort to complete the 2014 target task.

The development direction of oversea market was confirmed in the meeting. Outspread to Southeast Asia, Middlewest Asia and Africa with Lahigh’s technology advantages.

The meeting was ended with the confidence and determination of the executives and employee.