DKEC has R&D centers, marketing centers, design and equipment manufacturing bases in Shanghai, Wuxi, and New York respectively. We are an engineering technology group company integrating chemical engineering, environmental protection technology R&D, engineering design, environmental protection equipment manufacturing, and general engineering contracting services.
2015 Anji Corporation Trip

LAHIGH organized a corporation leisure trip from January 162015 to January 182015. We spent the three days enjoying the natural scenery including ZhuBoyuan Park which is filled with bamboo culture and natural oxygen bar which is called Baicaoyuan Park, and thanks to the nature, we all feel very relaxed and happy.

During the trip, we had LAHIGH New Era Bilingual Celebration and the employees’ commitment and performance won much applause. President Dong’s earnest expectation allows us to see a more promising future of LAHIGH. President Dong emphasized that those who contributed to the corporation would be rewarded with real benefit during the development.

We are proud as LAHIGH people.