DKEC has R&D centers, marketing centers, design and equipment manufacturing bases in Shanghai, Wuxi, and New York respectively. We are an engineering technology group company integrating chemical engineering, environmental protection technology R&D, engineering design, environmental protection equipment manufacturing, and general engineering contracting services.
Adhere to the Road of Development with LAHIGH Characteristics

2016 LAHIGH Annual Work Conference was held by general manager Dong Junming on 4th, January, 2016.

Achievements and deficiencies in 2015 has been summarized and a more challenging 2016 being looked forward in this conference. In addition, things about how to truly properly complete existing projects and satisfy our clients, which are agreed by all attendants as necessary responsibility and obligation of a capable design institute, have been emphatically discussed.

The general manager pointed out that our country’s economy has been slowed down and the process of economic transformation and upgrade is speeding up, thus, LAHIGH staffs shall be actively engaged in this “supply side reform” with one hundred percent passion. What’s more, LAHIGH staffs are capable to open up a way to develop the company with LAHIGH characteristics in this “economic transformation and upgrade wave”.

 “Insuperable as the tough path seems, we are surmounting it now with great strides”, in 2016LAHIGH staffs, with unbounded confidence and diligence, will fully exploit LAHIGH’s technology advantages to write a new chapter of glorious success.