DKEC has R&D, engineering design and equipment manufacture bases in New York, Shanghai and Wuxi. We are an international engineering company, offering consulting services, process package Know-how transfer, engineering design, and EPC services in chemical and environmental industries.
Human Resources Center

DKEC Human Resources (HR) Center's mission is to ensure our employees in different departments, locations and specialized areas are adequately managed and integrated, appropriately compensated, and effectively trained. We are also responsible for recruiting, hiring, firing, and administering benefits. HR Department's strategies are highly consistent with company's goals through recruiting and promoting talents who implement company's strategies effectively. Meanwhile, HR center designs, organizes and monitors DKEC Group various training programs, aiming to improve employees' innovation and teamwork abilities, updating their technical knowledge, and stimulating their overall development.

Join in our HR Center! Our department is a great platform for your career development. You will feel gratification from solving problems, impacting people around you and guiding others in their careers. You will be in a position of influence and have a unique perspective into the businesses. Not only do you have a strong understanding of an organization’s priorities and challenges, but you also can influence the future of the company based on the employment decisions you make.

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Management Trainee (MT Program)
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The job description:

1.Management trainee is a talent reserve program for the company to continuously inject new strength and independently train the future team managers of the company for long-term development and to maintain lasting competitiveness.

2.Management trainee will know about the company's business operation and be familiar with the post work through rotation, have grassroots experience and global vision, and will be appointed after assessment.

3.Management trainees are prearranged to learn industry expertise, conduct business competency training, external management skills training, and phased leadership training.

4.Management trainees are selected from excellent freshmen (science /business/administration) and transferred to technical/sales/finance/administration positions after 2-3 years, and become our backbone after many years.

Post requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above, excellent fresh graduates from science and engineering majors, business and financial majors, and administrative management majors.

2.Cheerful personality, strong pressure resistance, willing to accept challenges.

3.Responsible, self-motivated, good sense of teamwork.

4.Good writing and communication skills.

5.Ability to keep learning.

6.Ability to work in depth.

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