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Group Finance Center

DKEC Group Finance Center is an exciting and powerful job sector! Our importance lies in our ability to help the company meet compliance obligations, cash needs for daily operation and strategic expansion and profit-building requirements. Also, DKEC Group relies on our Finance Center for strategic planning and risk analysis before making investment decisions. DKEC keeps expanding to new technology industries and office locations, comes a high demand for finance professionals. Our daily job is dynamic and exciting in the aspects of accounting & tax, financial planning and analysis, internal control & auditing, and financial strategy.

Starting your career in our Finance Center, you will always have opportunities for growth, since you will never feel limited to one task. Working in our Finance Center, not only your financial knowledge and expertise, but also your communication and problem-solving abilities will improve a lot.

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Financial Manager
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The job description:

1.Be responsible for the daily management of Financial Department, formulate annual and quarterly work plans and assessment indicators of Financial Department.

2.Assist the company leaders to carry out various financial management work, including internal control management, fund management, tax management, system construction, external coordination, etc.

3.Be responsible for the financial supervision and management of the group's subsidiaries, formulate and improve the relevant financial management systems and processes of the company, and put forward reasonable suggestions, such as improving the business procedures of accounts receivable, accounts payable, costs and expenses, etc.

4.Coordinate the financial analysis work of the group's subsidiaries, regularly collect and sort out the company's cash flow and other business analysis data, provide the company's management with various financial statements, analysis reports and other decision-making support information, make special analysis on abnormal conditions, propose optimization and rectification measures and follow-up implementation.

5.According to the company's business development needs, combined with the government's industrial preferential policies to carry out tax planning.

6.Maintain good external corporate relationships, including investment institutions, banks, industrial and commercial departments and tax departments, and timely handle the relevant business between the company and them, to effectively reduce the external business risks of the company.

7.Be responsible for the company's capital operation management, financing strategy, foreign cooperation negotiations, etc., raise funds required for the company's daily operation, and ensure the fund supply for the company's operation.

8.Be responsible for the declaration of financial projects.

9.Complete other tasks assigned by the company.

Post requirements:

1.Four years full-time bachelor degree or above, major in accounting, CPA is preferred.

2.More than 5 years working experience in financial management position, familiar with financial management in engineering field (engineering project and EPC).

3.Proficient in financial, tax, audit and other relevant laws and policies, and have rich practical experience in tax cost planning and control.

4.Strong ability of cost management, risk control and financial analysis.

5.Have strong learning ability, communication ability, emotional management ability, and focus on teamwork.

6.Ability of strong team leadership.

7.Ability to keep learning.

8.Ability to work in depth.

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The job description:

1.Fully responsible for the company's financial accounting work.

2.Review the original documents.

3.Prepare accounting statements, and submit the correct accounting statements to the superior for approval at the end of the month, so as to be timely and accurate.

4.Prepare and execute monthly, quarterly and annual cost budgets.

5.Prepare tax planning plans and reasonably control tax expenses.

6.Pay attention to and study the fiscal and tax related policies.

7.Declare and pay all kinds of taxes on time.

8.Coordinate and solve various problems related to the bank, such as clearing the check balance, abnormal bank fees.

9.Compile and report the statistical statements of import and export business.

10.Provide analysis of various financial indicators and profitability as required to provide references for leaders to make decisions.

11.Assist auditors to complete external audit work by analyzing and sorting the general ledger accounts.

12.Complete the organizational goals and other tasks assigned by superiors.

Post requirements:

1.2-3 years working experience in Finance / Accounting.

2.Honest and trustworthy, rigorous and meticulous, adhere to the rules, love the post and dedication.

3.Experience in group report preparation or import and export verification is preferred.

4.Have Ability to deal with the company's accounts, have the knowledge of tax declaration, etc.

5.Master data collection skills and data analysis skills.

6.Strong sense of responsibility, execution and pressure resistance.

7.Good writing and communication skills.

8.Ability to keep learning.

9.Ability to work in depth.

Financial Assistant
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The job description:

1.Be responsible for the issuance of VAT invoices and maintenance of monthly invoice list report.

2.Establish cash journals and bank deposit journals.

3.Be responsible for the company's cash journal registration, inventory, and bank deposit affairs to ensure that the accounts are consistent.

4.Be responsible for settlement and statistics of current clients.

5.Register and collect uncollected invoices.

6.Strictly review the original documents such as reimbursement documents and invoices, and handle the cash receipt and payment business in accordance with the relevant provisions of expense reimbursement, so as to ensure legality and accuracy, complete procedures and complete documents.

7.Be responsible for the payment of the company's department personnel and suppliers' requests.

8.Handle bank deposits, withdrawals, and transfer settlement services according to the procedures that are correct for verification; timely make corresponding adjustments based on the bank deposit statement, and make the bank statement consistent, responsible for preparing the "bank deposit balance adjustment table" at the end of the month.

9.Keep seals properly, and use them strictly in accordance with the prescribed purposes.

10.Make the monthly salary table of the company's employees.

11.Timely certify invoice deduction combination (manual, scanner, on-site at the tax bureau) to ensure timely entry.

12.Be responsible for the company's tax online declaration and various government tax-related report forms.

13.Establish employee social security and provident fund accounts, and leave account closure when leaving the company.

14.Be responsible for the payment and handling of the company's daily expenses and related administrative work expenses.

Post requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in finance and accounting, more than two years of cashier work experience.

2.Meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, practical work, good professional ethics and professionalism.

3.Must hold accounting certificate.

4.Good writing and communication skills.

5.Ability to keep learning.

6.Ability to work in depth.

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