Urgently Needed: Safety and Environmental Protection Work Upgrade
       In 2019 August, seven technical expert groups in our company started conducting visits to chemical factories in over 53 Jiangsu Chemical Industry Parks, based on Laws Su Ban [2019] No. 96, Notice Sealed and Published by the General Office of Provincial Party Committee and the General Office of the Provincial Government on the Proposal of Renovation and Improvement for Safety and Environmental Protection of the Chemical Industry in Jiangsu Province, Su Hua Zhi Ban [2019] No. 3, Notice Sealed and Published on Detailed Requirements for the Renovation and Improvement Work of Safety and Environmental Protection of the Chemical Industry, Su Zheng Ban Fa [2019] No. 15, Implementation Opinions of the General Office of Jiangsu Provincial People's Government on the Environmental Renovation Engineering of Jiangsu Provincial Chemical Industrial Park (Concentrated Area), Su Ying Ji [2019] No. 53, Notice Sealed and Published by the Provincial Emergency Management Department on the Basic Requirements of Essential Safety Diagnosis and Renovation, as well as Provincial Construction Department on the Safety Renovation Work of Chemical Design.           

According to Jiangsu Province Environmental Regulations, chemical factories shall be closed temporarily or prohibited from using production equipment and facilities if they are diagnosed and verified not to meet the renovation standards by the end of September 2020. Chemical factories shall be shut down and kicked off from relevant industry if they fail to meet the standards by the end of December 2020.

Our technical expert groups have got the factories’ feedback that safety and environmental protection upgraded work is urgently needed through recent visits. Lahigh Engineering possesses superior technologies and engineering design experiences in wastewater, waste gas and waste solid treatment areas. Combined with our certificate of Class A Design Qualification on Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, our company has the ability to provide professional technical services to clients. Our services include conducting comprehensive technical investigation and diagnosis on site, figuring out facilities’ hidden dangers, and formulating safety and environmental protection proposals. Our company has great technical advantages helping clients pass safety and environmental protection examination and meet relevant government regulations.




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