About us

Lahigh Engineering Design Co. was founded in September, 2003.
LAHIGH holds many professional licenses, including the Class A
Qualification Certification in Chemicals, Petrochemicals and
Medicine Industry, the Design License of Pressure Pipes (Class GB/GC), the Design License of Pressure Vessels (Class A2),the Class B Qualification Certification in Construction Industry,the Engineering
Consulting License (Class B) and so on.


LAHIGH maintains the leading position in engineering consulting, engineering design and EPC. We offer
consulting service in the areas of chemicals, petrochemicals, medicine, environment engineering and civil
construction, also, our service covers engineering design, engineering management and EPC. As one of
the most reputable companies in China, LAHIGH keeps good relationship with many clients in
pharmaceutical raw materials, modern coating, pesticide and fine chemicals fields.


LAHIGH technical team has a strong ability of alcohol wastewater,treating chemical wastewater,waste gas and solid. We have several patents about wastewater and VOCs treatment, including wastewater of oil refining,epoxy resin, phenolic resin, epichlorohydrin, phenol-acetone, BPA and chemicals
with high salt concentrations. In particular, Lahigh is the first Chinese company that masters the
technology about multi-effect evaporation and salt recovery technology of epoxy resin wastewater
with high salt concentration.


LAHIGH owns more than 50 patents and proprietary technologies. In the industry of synthetic resin, special engineering plastic, fine chemistry etc. LAHIGH can provide our clients the worlds leading process design packages (PDP), engineering designs and EPC services of epoxy resin, hardener, diluent, phenolic resin, polyester resin, special resin, polyurethane resin, alkyd resin, urea resin, acrylic resin, ECH (Epichlorohydrin), hydrogen peroxide, flame retardant etc.


We occupy high market share on engineering construction of epoxy resin, hardener, diluent, phenolic resin, polyester resin, ECH ,BPA ,TBBA, H2O2, flame retardant, SBR latex ,chemical wastewater treatment etc. in China and Southeast Asia.


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